tatsunoya ramen

It’s another Mitsuwa food fair, this time featuring Kyushu and Okinawa cuisine. And yep, there’s a specialty ramen booth: Tatsunoya’s tonkotsu ramen, with splendidly rich and mild taste, which makes the soup just more than a “standard tonkotsu ramen”. Torrance and New Jersey ramen fans get a crack at this tonkotsu ramen over the next two weeks:
7/16 (Thu) – 7/19 (Sun) Torrance Store
7/23 (Thu) – 7/26 (Sun) New Jersey Store

And I’m not sure why the Mitsuwa web site didn’t mention it, but the Costa Mesa and Torrance stores get an Iron Chef Kenichi Sakai creation: a roll cake. Seriously? That’s all us OC residents get? Sorry, as much as I like Iron Chef Kenichi Sakai, I’d rather have the ramen…

iron chef kenichi pastry

via Go Ramen!

7/14/09: Oops, I’m a dummy. That’s Iron Chef Sakai, not Kenichi. Thanks to tipster Jason for setting me straight!

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